Filming in Cape Town

The Cape Film Commission, established in 2000, has a mandate to promote the industry and locations for filmmaking within the Western Cape including Cape Town, Plettenberg Bay and George.

We are a Not for Profit independent organization, unlike other commissions that are extensions of government, state or municipal departments. Our independence allows us to generate funding through various government departments, including the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the National Lotteries Board.

The Commission has signed agreements with the W. Cape Provincial Government and local municipalities. We work closely with the City of Cape Town, government agencies, parastatals and film industry representative bodies.

The CFC has a BBBEE rating of 4.

The CFC is an official member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI). This gives CFC members advantages of aglobal network that facilitates international relationships between film commissioners and with industry decision makers.

Creating Opportunity for All Filmmakers

CFC support helps to create sustainable jobs, business opportunities and to develop film and ancillary industry core skills. We encourage transformation and the provision ofopportunities in the film industry for those from disadvantaged communities.

In short, we work towards creating better opportunity for all film-makers and generatingkey economic returns and strategic value for the city and province.

Trade Missions & Educational Funding

The Commission works with National Government departments and agencies to support and invest in trade missions and training for filmmakers.

We call for educational project proposals annually from our members which we organize funding for. We also arrange funding to pay for and we take delegations of filmmakers to MIPTV, Cannes Film, Sundance, Tribeca and Berlinale festivals and markets.

International Emmys

We work closely with the International Emmys in the promotion and development of programming through the hosting of judging sessions and the encouragement for the submission of programming into competition.

South African Film Commission

Last year the Commission established the South African Film Commission as a vehicle to create a more integrated communication platform throughout the national film industry.


Our membership system allocates a unique membership number to monitor permits, insurances etc. effectively.

Apart from the above members also benefit from regular newsletters and newsflashes which often contain work opportunities.

We encourage membership but some of the services we offer, such as location and permit access, are also available to non-members.

Western Cape Locations

We are the official partner for the Provincial Government of the Western Cape property portfolio and various Municipalities and Districts within the Province. We work with them on the promotion of their locations for filming and the issuing of permits.

Likewise we work with South African National Parks in various locations throughout the Western Cape.

The Western Cape presents almost unlimited locations. Within a short distance of Cape Town International Airport are Alpine mountains, lakes, tropical beaches, rugged coastlines, seaside villages, winelands, wheat fields and forests. The city has everything from skyscrapers to period architecture to grit and grime.

National Locations

We also facilitate access to other locations throughout South Africa through our relationship with the Gauteng Film Commission, KZN Film Commission, Durban Film Office, Eastern Cape Film Office and the Richards Bay Development Agency.

Film Permits 

For information about all film permits please contact

Work Visas

We have a good working relationship with Home Affairs and the South African International Consulates and can assist in advising on and facilitating work visas where appropriate.

All Cast and Crew need a Letter of Authorization to Work from their production company and a Letter of Invitation from a South African Film Commission/Office.  The CFC provides such a letter, whether the Cast and Crew are filming in the Cape or not. 

Please contact for further information.

Cast and Crew

The Western Cape has impressive acting talent, guided by OSCASA, the official South African Casting Association for non-professionals, and SAGA, the South African Guild of Actors for professionals.

Our crews, internationally renowned for their talent and professionalism, are the best most cost-effective English speaking crew in the world. 

There are no crew unions but crews are governed by strict codes of conduct. Associations such as the Independent Producer’s Organisation exist to support professionals and strengthen the industry.

Climate and Weather

Overall, the Western Cape climate is typically Mediterranean, with warm, dry summers and mild, moist winters with frequent periods of sunshine.


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